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It’s been quite some time since the NZ edition of the Jon TV T-shirts was produced, but they’re now finally available for customers in Sweden!

They are known as ”The Trendiest T-shirts of 2012″ and have the following mega-fancy features:

*Slim design
*Royal Blue color
*Official Jon TV logo with integrated Swedish Retro TV (design by Anton Andrén and Harriet Latchem)

Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large

Price: 150 SEK (incl VAT) + shipping
Local pick up is available for customers located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Well, how do you order then?

Simply send an email to info@jonbokrantz.com with you Name, Address and desired size&amount. You will be assisted with payment details as soon as your email has been registered.

IMPORTANT: This first batch is ONLY available for Swedish customers at this point. A release date for customers outside Sweden is not set at this point.

Get involved!

Just got back home after a week in Åre for the GoPro Video Challenge during the Bike Festival. I scored a solid 3rd place and the premiere night at Tott Hotel was jam-packed with people and the athmosphere top notch. It was a completely new experience for me so I thought I’d share some stories and thoughts about the week. My entry will be released asap!

First of all; it was such a blast! We had a great team that worked super well together and made the whole week nothing but fun! Linus Sjöholm, Teo Gustavson and Anders Sahlén did a sick job in front of the lens and I hope I get the chance to work with them again on other projects in the future. I tried to squeeze in as much riding myself as possible, but it was most of the time with all the camera gear on my back. Good thing I don’t have that much camera shit to carry!

Six teams had six days to produce a video about Åre and it was definitely a challenge to try to make a polished 6 minute clip in a matter of days. I think I really brought my A game filming wise but I fell through with the story and theme and the transitions inbetween the different segments. Some of the shots are my finest work so far and I tried to get some unique angles by climbing trees and hiding in bushes. Lessons learned and hopefully I can get the opportunity to try again next year! I’m really happy with the overall result of the film, but I guess every film makers critizises their own work a bit too much. A spot on the podium was the goal and I’m stoked on the result considering that I’m probably rocking a bit of a budget camera setup compared to some of the other teams and only been doing the film thingy for about a year now.

Martin Söderström and Simon Berggren won first prize with an absolutely hilarous film that was a full on croud pleaser. Seems like funny edits are the way to go for video comps! (Huckwizard!!!) Second place to Simon Sjörén / Åre Bergscyklister with a film that depicted the riding in Åre spot on. Damage Inc had some of the sickes cable cam shots ever and it was a bit weird that they were the only team not getting any prize at all. Zie Germans shot everything on a RED and with remote helicopters and heaps of other fancy toys. They easily won ”Best Cinematography” but didn’t even film in Åre which pretty much made it impossible for them to win the big prize.

All in all; great success!

I shared a house with Florent Carreyron during my six month stay in Queenstown, New Zealand. Inevitably we spent a lot of time together, and as both of us are into cameras we did a lot of shooting, both stills and video. I produced a video with Flo to highlight his stay in NZ as well as strenghten his co-operation with his sponsors: Commencal, Production Privée and Urge. This video is shot mostly in the Southern Lakes Area but also features some riding in the other self proclaimed mountain biking capital of New Zealand: Rotorua.

New things with this video is the aspect ratio (2.35 instead of the regular 16/9) as well as the color grading that’s done only with RGB curves, levels and a slightly bumped up saturation. In the past I’ve used a lot of filters to highlight the colors, but after a lot of experimentation in After Effects I found that you can get a very interesting, cinematic and rich color profile by playing around with the curves. I’m very pleased with the results of the grading and I find that it adds a lot to the feel of the video, something that in my opinion is heavily underused in MTB films today.

With some photos from Mason Mashon and Patrick Fallon I also have a blog post featured up on Pinkbike

Enjoy the video!

I’m in the process of updating the design and content of the website. I’m mainly using my social media to publish my videos and news, so this website will soon be more focused on my professional services as a freelance film maker. Back in Sweden I will be available for any type of video jobs, mountain bike related or not. If you’re interested in my services please contact me through my designated email.

To keep up with news regarding Jon Television and other projects please follow me on any of the following social media sites:

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During the 2012 Queenstown Bike Festival DTR New Zealand presented the inaugural film competition ”Through the Lens”. Riders and film makers were invited to produce a 5-7min short film from the Southern Lakes area of New Zealand. I decided to put together a video with clips from all throughout the summer with the idea of it being an homage to my summer in Queenstown. The premiere was held at World Bar and the massive crowd and awesome atmosphere made it a night to remember! And yeah, after public vote I managed to walk away with the win!

I felt that this was the perfect way to wrap up my films from NZ, and after a few weeks out on the web it has scored more than 50.000 views. I’d like to thank everyone that has supported my films this summer and I hope you will continue when I’ve returned back home to Europe! Queenstown has been an absolute treat – I’ve got endless of stories and great memories of this place and I will most certainly be back!

Take a look at my award winning entry by following this link: Through the Lens

Norröna just released the Fjörå Replayed Movie that we produced during our trip till Fjörå, Norway last summer. Super rad week of shooting pictures with Mattias Fredriksson and filming with the Norröna crew. Heli shots, cable cams and really nice atmosphere throughout the video, depicts the riding in Fjörå spot on! Stoked on being a part of this one!

Link to YouTube

And don’t forget to check out the Norröna website to find the whole 2012 Fjörå Line and enter the daily competition to win sweet prizes! Click here to get to the website!

You can hardly find any Kiwis in Queenstown, so when you get the chance to hook up with a true New Zealander like Kelly McGarry you definitely don’t want to miss out on the opportunity! Jon Television and McGazza went on a mission to portray the NZ life; surfing, bike riding, beers, good scene, good people. Good times!

Me and Kelly started talking about making a video together probably already back in December. It took a while before we came up with an idea for the video but from there it was all about full on filming. We filmed in and around Queenstown at some very interesting spots: Gorge Road Dirt Jumps, Clyde and Alexandra, surfing in Riverton and finally DJ at the mean as Frew Farm in Winton. It’s been nothing but a pleasure to work with Kelly, you can instantly tell that he’s so into his riding and it makes it so much easier to get the clips you need. Hope this is just the start of more collaborations with Kelly!

This video also marks the first time I’ve gotten a full front page post up on Pinkbike. The amount of viewers on that site is incredible, I counted over 600 during the first 20 minutes! Hopefully it will be a bit easier to get my work featured on Pinkbike from now on! Pinkbike Blog Post

Enjoy the video and don’t hesitate to post a nice comment!

The first round of the 2012 MTBNZ DH Nationals has arrived in Queenstown. The brand new Remarks Grass Track invites the riders to a fast, loose and ridicolously dusty visit and racing mode is officially on in New Zealand. Jon Television brings you the whole experience – from the initial thoughts of designing the track to the final showdown on the finish line and a much-needed swim after a weekend of intense sun.

Worked hard on this one, 17hrs of shooting in intense sun and endless amounts of dust. Enjoy it!

Ho ho ho! From me to all of you: Merry Christmas! Get to know Max Bruneau and watch him hit up some of his favorite trails in Queenstown. All in the classic spirit that defines Jon Television; Light hearted, fun and pretty much fucking awesome!

I’ve spent a lot more time and effort creating this movie and it has definitely evolved me as a film maker. Good things to come in the future!

God Jul!

Here’s a video I’ve been working on for a while now. Together with Florent Carreyron and Zack Burnett I’ve put together this promo video for Outside Sports & Monster Energy’s new Pumptrack and Demo Centre at the bottom of Queenstown Bike Park. Heaps of fun to make this video as it could be considered to be my first video as a professional film maker!

Watch it here: Ride Queenstown Monster Pump Track Party