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Arrival in NZ!

Posted by jonbokrantz in Nyheter

I left Sweden the 13th of October, and about 40 hours later I landed in probably one of the most beautiful towns in the world: Queenstown, New Zealand. The purpose of the stay is simply to live life to its fullest!

When leaving from Sweden I basically didn’t know anything about the place I was going to. I’d sent a few emails and looked at some pictures and videos but that’s about it really. I was sure that everything should be fine and that it will all work out in the end, but I had no idea how perfect it actually would turn out to be!

The first three days i stayed at a simple hostel, mainly sleeping all day due to the massive jet lag from the flight. Got my bank account, NZ phone number and IRD-number application sorted and then started to look for a proper place to live. After checking out a few shitty places I placed an ad in the Lakes Weekly Bulletin, a local magazine for accommodation and jobs. The next day I got a text from a guy telling me that they had a few rooms available and that I should come check it out. Said and done, I went there and it turned out to be the perfect place; clean, modern and big house that fits up to 8 people, a lot of space for bikes and cars and sweet as biking flat mates. Moved in the next day and got my bike built up straight away.

The following 4 days I went riding and digging trails, and damn some of those trails are world class! Rode some of the tracks at the bike park, a few from Atherton&Smith’s part in Follow Me and some in the nearby town Arrowtown, an old settlement for gold miners. Those hectic days took its toll on me and I ended up getting really sick. Massive fever, fever chills, no appetite and huge troubles sleeping. After a few horrible days I went to the local medical center. After a few tests they sent me straight to the hospital since I had low oxygen level, rapid heart rate, sweating like a pig even though my whole body was freezing cold. Took some blood tests and got an X-ray on my lungs. Turned out that I had an inflammation in my right lung and was sent home with a 10-day cure of antibiotics. I fought the sickness the next weekend as the fourth round of the DHSS series took place in town. Filmed the whole race and it will be featured in the next episode of JON TELEVISION!

I took some photos during the flight and my first days in Queenstown, check them out at my Flickr account.

At the moment I’m doing my best to find a job and just getting back to riding again. The future holds some serious amounts of good times!

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