Jon Bokrantz
Born: Sundsvall, Sweden
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Age: 26
National club: Göteborgs Stigcyklister
Partners: Norrøna, Specialized, Five Ten
Education: B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering & M.Sc in Production Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology

After 15 years of riding everything from BMX, XC, DH, 4X to Enduro, bikes has always been in the centre. Combining filming, traveling, racing, and exploring in a true all-or-nothing fashion, and expressing mountain biking the way I see it, are what drives me the most.

JB Productions
Founded in 2011, JB Productions is a production company based out of Gothenburg, Sweden, but available for services around the globe. Specialized in online video advertising and with bikes as the core specificity, we offer everything from shooting, editing, and grading, to handling complete projects from raw idea all the way to the finished product. For more information about our services, please feel free to contact us at any point.